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History of IJMB
The Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) was set up in 1974, under statute 5 of the Ahmadu Bello University Law, to run the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMBE) as an alternative ‘A’ level Examination to student or candidate who may wish to seek for under graduate admission into Ahmadu Bello University and other University. The program was envisaged as a stop-gap or bridge after secondary school education, to prepare candidates academically, mentally and socially for the challenges of University education. The IJMB examination is based on an approved IJMB syllabus which was produced by harmonizing the contents of the syllabus of the former higher school certificate, London GCE, Cambridge A-level examination and the 100 level curriculum of Nigerian University. The IJMB is a qualifying examination conducted yearly, essentially for Advanced level (A/L) subjects for admission into Nigerian and foreign Universities at 200 levels. In addition, two ordinary level (O/L) subject (English/Mathematics) are also offered equivalent to WASC or NECO-O level, for candidate who mat be deficient in them. Candidates for the examination are presented through institutions affiliated to the program for the purpose of examination. The institution affiliated to the IJMBE program cut across the different strata of tertiary education in Nigeria. They include colleges of arts and sciences established purposely for the IJMBE and remedial studies, colleges of education, polytechnics and Universities. These institutions are private, state or federal establishments. As at 2013, there 51 institutions spread across Nigeria, affiliated to the IJMBE program. The institutions are saddled with the responsibility of providing facilities and preparing candidates for the examination under the control of the IJMB Governing Board. The yearly examination has been conducted unfailing since the inception of the IJMBE under the control of the IJMB Governing Board. The joint Admission and matriculation Board (JAMB) has from 1978 been the moderating agency to the IJMB examinations. JAMB participates in moderating the questions supervising the marking of the scripts through external moderators it recruits from Universities through out the country.



(Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination)

  • It’s an A’ level Exam.
  • It involves 3 subjects that are related to your course of study.
  • This exam will take you to 200level in any university of your choice through direct entry.
  • You can as well sit for English or Mathematics O’ Level IJMB if you have any deficiency in your O’ Level Examination.


  • The result is valid for years
  • It is equivalent to OND, NCE
  • It is a year programme.
  • It has no validity/expiring date.
  • With it you can be admitted into 200 level in the university. [Home and Abroad]
  • Certificate will be awarded.


1. Gets admission into 100 level. Gets admission into 200 level .
2. There is matriculation examination. There is no entrance examination.
3. There is post-jamb examination. There is no post-jamb examination.
4. Can only be used once. Can be used anytime, anywhere, even outside Nigeria.
5. Cannot be put on CV, it is irrelevant to employers. It is a respected certificate and can be included on personal CV.