The History of IJMB.

Under statue 5 of the Ahmadu Bello University Law, the Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) was set up in 1970, to moderate the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMBE) as an alternative to ‘a’ Level Examination, for candidates who desire undergraduate admission into Nigerian Universities. The programme was created to serves as a bridge to the University after Secondary school education, to equip candidates with all skills require for tertiary education.

The IJMB examination is based on an approved IJMB syllabus which was produced by the collection of the various contents of other a’ levls examinations and the 100 Level approved curriculum for Nigerian Universities.

The IJMBE is a qualifying examination conducted annually, mainly for Advanced Level(A/L) subjects for admission into 200 Level (Direct Entry) in Nigerian and foreign Universities. In addition, two Ordinary Level (O/L) subjects (English and Mathematics) are also offered as equivalent to WAEC or NECO O-Level, for candidates who may be deficient in them. Candidates for the examination are presented through affiliated institutions.

The institutions affiliated to the IJMBE programme cuts across the different strata of tertiary education in Nigeria. They include colleges of Arts and Sciences established purposely for the IJMBE and Remedial Studies; Colleges of Education, Polytechnics and Universities. These institutions are private, State and federal establishments. As at April, 2014. There were 53 institutions spread across Nigeria, affiliated to the IJMBE programme. The institutions are saddled with the responsibility of providing facilities and preparing candidates for the examination under the control of the IJMB Governing Board.

The annual examination has been conducted consistently since the inception of the IJMB under the control of the IJMB Governing Board. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has from 1978, been the moderating agency of the IJMB Examinations. JAMB moderates the questions and supervises the marketing of the scripts through external moderators it recruits from universities throughout the country


-Business Management
-Christian Religious Studies
-Islamic Studies
-Literature in English


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