Univeristies that accept IJMB!

IJMB and It’s Ubiquity?

I’ve been getting this questions lately “How many universities accept IJMB as a mode of entry?”

So this post is to tell you the universities that accept IJMB and all other alevel counterparts!


What are the list of universities and schools that accept IJMB in NIGERIA. I have seen this question repeatedly and it will be addressed now. IJMB is approved by both jamb and NUC and it is accepted as a means of securing admission via direct entry.

First off,  you need to know that many universities accept IJMB in Nigeria, so listing out those “so many universities” won’t be time saving for you, and would rob you of time to check our other blog posts like : How IJMB is Graded and The History of IJMB.

So instead i will be making a list (a really short one) of the Institutions that DO NOT accept IJMB as a mode of entry.

They are..

1. OAU



Aside from the 3 universities above (* wink ), you can secure admission into any university in Nigeria.


How to Register for  IJMB 2018/2019?


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